Random observations

Note: I’ve actually laid down on my bed preparing to sleep when I suddenly thought of blogging. So here I am! See, I’m getting better at this already. Haha.

Today, I went to a career fair organised by UTAR. My first impression of the fair was that it seemed really cramped, with many booths all squashed into the Heritage Hall and tons of people milling about.

It is always interesting to observe people. Contrary to my blur personality, I can actually be pretty observant when I want to be. Take today for example, I’ve actually seen a few types of people who were there to promote their booth. Observations are pretty much restricted to those booth promoters as I couldn’t be arsed to observe the students. They are not why I went to the fair.

There is the type that obviously wants to just complete their homework (i.e. getting enough visitors’ data to fill their quota) so they can ‘finish’ their jobs faster. I was unfortunately accosted by one such person when I first stepped into the hall. This bespectacled guy basically shoved his clipboard at me and asked me to fill up the form. When I queried him about his company (I had no idea what company he’s representing since I wasn’t even given a chance to look), he told me this: “Just fill up the form first and I’ll tell you more about our company,” Err… how about no? I understand that you need to do your job and get those data but this type of approach is just plain rude. So yeah, I basically refused to fill up and walked away.

Then there was a particular booth that had two people who spoke really good English and were really friendly. I was impressed and as it turned out, they’re from a headhunting agency. They were really chatty and observant (They noticed the colour of my nails and thought my favourite colour was pink since my nails are in a really loud shade of pink. -_-) Charisma plays a HUGE role when you’re in the headhunting field and there really aren’t many people who can speak fluently in English at the fair. One girl even stuttered nervously when I spoke to her in English. -__- So yes, that particular booth is quite a pleasant surprise for me.

I was however, surprised (in a bad way) to see some of the really big companies that had promoters who were really snobby and unfriendly. I stood in front of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ booth for a full 5 minutes and the two promoters were simply SITTING at the booth talking to each other. For such a huge company, their attitude was really a turn-off. I had thought that perhaps MNCs would be more impressive but I was sadly mistaken. Another one that left a bad impression on me was Genting Malaysia. Again, a huge company with very impressive reputation in the market but the promoter seemed awfully reluctant to talk to us even when we stood there and queried about the career options and what-nots. She begrudgingly gave us a goody bag and a flyer and pointed to papers on the table which had listed down the positions available. If we had stood there waiting for more information without prompting her by asking questions, she would simply stand and stare back at us.

If you are not interested in promoting any thing about your company, why bother setting up a booth? You could’ve saved the money and spent it on other things. Training for your staff to make them be more professional, perhaps?

It was not a very fruitful visit today but I guess observing those different types of people was interesting in its own way. So I guess I can rule out jobs in PwC and Genting then? Hmm…

4 thoughts on “Random observations

  1. Kritz: Haha, I supposed there was no harm for me to check it out. Definitely not very informative, but oh well.

    Meanie: I don’t know leh. I just thought of seeing what positions they have but no one bothered to layan us then so be it lor.

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