It’s official…

… I’m currently sick as a dog. Sigh! I was doing so well these past couple of months! I didn’t even fall sick when I got drizzled by rain last week! And then this has to happen. I woke up with a slight sore throat yesterday but I thought if I drank enough water and ignored it it would go away. Turns out I’m wrong yet again. Today I woke up at 7am, showered and puked in the bathroom and now my throat’s aching, my nose is itching and I feel like crap. I wonder how bulimics go through puking their guts out every single day. Just one day and I’ve already had enough.

I now have less than a month of university life left to savour. I know, a bit strange isn’t it? Having to leave some place that has played such a monumental part of your life for the past several years. I still don’t know how I feel about all this though. On one hand, I’m mighty glad to be leaving this chapter of my life behind. On the other, I’m sure I would be moaning and wanting to go back to studying once I’ve hit the working world. I guess conflicted would be an apt choice of word.

I have been really slacking in my blogging. I’m sure one day when I look back, I’ll regret not posting more often about my last couple of months here in university but as of now, I really really really couldn’t find the motivation to do so. Regret is part of life, I guess.

This last semester’s been really hectic, what with all the campaign stuff that has been going on nonstop. I personally think that we have done an admirable job. Some other party might beg to differ but I think I shall agree to disagree with said party. It is after all, a very subjective thing when it comes to talks about concepts and whatnots. I shouldn’t expect everyone else to be able to comprehend things the same way.

And that’s it for my update this time around. I have a class to get to now. For real this time. So see ya!

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