Okay, let’s just say I forgive all the times you made me wait for nothing while you stand there chatting idly with some random passerby, ignoring the appointment we made earlier.

Okay, let’s just say I forgive you too, for all the times you made me sit in your office like a fool while you went around doing other things like answering phone calls, pottering about doing all sorts of nonsense that you weren’t actually supposed to be doing because I specifically made an appointment to discuss a specific subject with you, not to sit in your office and watch you work.

Okay, let’s just say that I even forgive you for those times when I had to wait more than half an hour for you to show up for our appointment that was made days before.

How do you expect me to forgive you this time? When you had earlier made a bunch of us promise to show up for an appointment and to bring all the work we’ve done so far so you could see our progress and guide us on what to do next, and then proceed to blow us off at the absolute last minute when I had stayed up all night and morning rushing to finish the work just so I could make the appointment in time. What’s worst is the reason you blew us off – to have lunch! Imagine that. If you wanted to have lunch at that time, couldn’t you have arranged for an earlier or a later time to meet? If you absolutely must have your lunch at that specific time at that specific date or else you’d suffer horribly or die, would it kill to INFORM us beforehand instead of blowing us off when we have already reached your office and are waiting for you? Not all of us possess the magical ability to teleport, ya know? Some of us had had to walk for half an hour under the blazing hot sun and be burnt to a crisp just so we could make that appointment with you.

And you know what? I’m thoroughly sick of people who think nothing of other people’s time and effort.

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