Days without my phone.

It’s scary how dependent we are on technology nowadays. I for one, cannot imagine living without technologies. What can I say? I’m a creature of comfort, man. Just the other day, I saw a man clutching his smart phone while jogging in the park while another guy ran past with his ipod plugged into his ears.

I am now on my third day of living without a phone and truth be told, I think it’s a hell of an inconvenience. For a girl who loves texting, not being able to shoot off a text whenever and wherever I want to is seriously annoying. Just last night, I found myself taking my portable house phone into my room before I sleep – something I have never done before. -_-

My dependency on mobile phones are so great that I never even bother about clocks anymore. I have a wall clock and an alarm clock in my room that were dead for years ever since I’d gotten a mobile phone. On the first night without my phone in years, I had to dig out the old batteries from my alarm clock and replace them with new ones just so I could wake up on time. Sigh, how did I even live back in the days without mobile phones and internet?

Oh well, I guess until my stupid phone is fixed I’ll just have to suck it up and bear with it then. Oh, and the next time I’m getting a new mobile phone? Nokia is definitely off my list. Definitely.

4 thoughts on “Days without my phone.

  1. I never really was dependant on it until I starting storing my calendar. I used to remember everything I needed to attend without writing it down, meetings, dates, special days ( 😛 ), plans and blah blah off the top of my head. Now that I have an iPhone calendar, it’s so easy to schedule things – that is, if nothing goes wrong. Also, I only became a heavy phone user (or rather, the functions on it rather than just calling) after I went to Hong Kong for a month. People have cell phones attached to their bodies there, 1 or 2, maybe even 3. It wasn’t until I came back to Canada that I saw bad habits take place like taking my phone to the washroom with me, LOL!

  2. Apple: What can I say? I’m fucking suay. -_- My unit’s been giving me problems since practically day 1.

    Prexus: I can NEVER remember all the stuff I need to do so I constantly need reminders lol. It’s really scary how attached we are to our gadgets. D:

    Jerms: I’d probably DIE without phone AND internet. T-T

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