Little Miss Ditzy

Here is an actual conversation I had with my mum a couple of months back. To this date, she still brings it up to poke fun of me incessantly. What can I say? I really kinda deserve it, given the circumstances.




Me upon noticing my brother, Wayne is not home, asked: Eh, Wayne went for driving lessons ah?

Mum: Yeah.

A couple of minutes later…

Me: Mi ah (I call my mum mi), Wayne went for driving lessons?

Mum: Yeesss.

Me: Oh okay.

10 minutes elapsed while I surf the net.

Me: Eh… Wayne went for driving lessons is it?

Mum nearing the end of her patience: HANAR! You ask one more time and I’ll smack you!

Me: Okay okay!

Another 10 minutes or so passed.

Me: Wayne went for driving lessons right…? (And my brain finally caught on at this point) Oh shit!

Mum: …




I swear the above conversation really did take place. I have my mum ready to back up the story with yet another rendition of my incredibly ditzy performance.

I think my head was in another place while my mouth just kept going on and on and on that day. And I think I’ve just lost whatever little tinsy amount of respect of anyone who might have had for me before realising what an airhead I actually am.

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