Get on with it, will ya?

Oh yes, I am well aware of the fact that I swear like a truck driver, especially when I’m angry. In fact, I have admitted it publicly in real life as well as on my blog. I understand if you don’t swear and you might not like people who swear a lot. But I wish you’d just stop being so self-righteous and so judgmental.

So what if I swear a lot? I don’t need/want people to tell me that oh swearing is just so unladylike, swearing is so impolite, swearing doesn’t suit your image, swearing makes you sound so rough and uncouth, etc. If my swearing and cussing puts you off so much, you could very well distance yourself away from me. I don’t mind all that much about having people who don’t like me distancing themselves from me, really.

The single criticism that I despise the most? You’re a girl, don’t swear so much. FUCK YEAH I’M A GIRL, AND I’LL SWEAR ALL THE BLOODY HELL I WANT. Don’t define me based on my gender, you’ll just get a big fuck you in return.

Otherwise, yeah, I guess I’ll tone it down a notch or two if you’re really uncomfortable with it. But NOT if you are just being plain judgmental.

Over and out.

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