Kinda. A bit. Of a shopaholic.

You know why I say I’m kinda a bit of a shopaholic?

I actually realised this quite long ago but it had never occur to me to write it down. I have no reason for writing this down now except that I’m currently sleep deprived, having been up for more than 14hours and am therefore not thinking clearly.

Back to the subject of being a shopaholic. While I am perfectly capable of stopping myself from spending money unnecessarily most of the time, I have this need to shop that I simply must fulfill every once in a while. Or should I say every few days.

It really doesn’t matter what I am shopping for most of the time, it could be clothes, shoes, bags, or even random junks such as cookies, cakes or magazines. The point does not lie on the item I am purchasing, but rather, the act of purchasing itself. This of course, does not apply to instances where I crave for a particular item such as a laptop, camera or whatever. I’m simply referring to my need for a regular shopping-fix that can be fulfilled irregardless of what item I buy (Well, not everything I suppose. I’m guessing I wouldn’t really be satisfied or happy with a toilet brush, for instance.).

It is from this type of behaviour that I deduce that I am kinda a bit of a shopaholic. The simple act of parting with my hard earned dough in exchange for some stuff makes me happy, even if it’s just for a couple of days or a week. Unfortunately though, a week later I would again be hankering to buy something again.

But if you think this hankering will go away if I were to run into a shop and simply grab something and be out in 5 minutes, you’re so, so wrong. I have to take my own sweet time walking around and dragging out the process as long as possible until I’m satisfied and finally willing to go home, and then I’ll be happy. This is especially difficult to do in Kampar where there aren’t anywhere for me to shop except for the miniature Tesco there. But beggars can’t be choosers so Tesco it is.

And what happens when I don’t get my shopping fix, you ask? Well, I can tell you from experience that it wasn’t pleasant. I get cranky, upset and depressed, which is really pretty similar to the feelings I have when I’m starving.

This is really quite troubling, isn’t it?

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