Good ol’ times

Came across some old pictures I’ve never posted and thought I’d share some of them with you. 🙂

This was from waaaay back in 2006, which is a whopping 4 years ago zomg! And to think I was only 17… Sigh.

Anyways, these are taken in Kuching, Sarawak! If not for this photo, I would have completely no idea where we went lol. Sadly, it was my one and only trip to Sarawak.

Take a look at the pictures below though…

Oh look! Finally a semi-smile! What can I say? Must have been some hardcore teenage angst. I look super pissed in the first three photos!

(Eh, I found an old blog post ranting about the trip, perhaps that’s the explanation for the pissed off looks. xD)

Don’t you worry though, I’m normally very upbeat. See proof below.

Oh god, how I’ve missed times like these. I say we need to take a family vacation as soon as possible.

I really need to blog more often. Makes for some pretty fun reading when I’m older. And they help refresh my sieve-like memory too.

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