My boyfriend

I have just spent the past hour reading my boyfriend’s past blog posts (which isn’t very many, since he’s an even lazier blogger than me). I find it kinda amazing that in the span of two years, he had actually changed quite a bit without me noticing.

Take this post back in 2008 for example, he blogged about our 6 month anniversary date where we went to Sushi Zanmai (one of my favourite sushi haunts to date). If you read it, you would see that he had no idea what most of the dishes are called. Today, he could order most of the dishes we always get in Japanese without difficulties. Chawan mushi, ebiko, ikura, kappa maki, california maki, chuka chinmi, takoyaki and all – a piece of cake.

Quite astonishing, really, for a guy who refused to touch fish of any kind back then to actually eat raw fish now. He even liked some of the fish dishes that I’ve gotten him to try these past two years. Hmm, I wonder if I could influence him to like bitter gourd or parsley anytime soon? HAHAHA!

p.s. Yes I am random, why do you ask?

4 thoughts on “My boyfriend


    My uncle started planting parsley, and last night, for steamboat, they dumped in shitloads of parsley, I had to avoid from drinking the soup.

    This morning, on the way back from kampung, I had to sit beside a gigantic bunch of parsley, my relatives gave. EW. *suffocates*

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