Fun Fact: I never write a blog post without checking

Hi! Today’s bitching is brought to you by our resident blogger who is currently dying of a backache and itching to throw her blasted laptop out the window and call it a day. Somewhat inactive on Twitter as the laptop has decided to not load the site. Yay. No blog post and no twitter post, I might as well quit as a blogger. Bah.

Anyway, today’s post will not be about my laptop. I’m here to write about a girl. No, not me. Another girl. No name shall be divulged because I don’t want any unnecessary drama. I’m simply ranting because it’s what I do.

This girl is someone I’ve known for almost 3 years now. While we were never close, we nevertheless still managed to have a somewhat civil relationship with each other. Undeniably, she is a very bright student who takes her studies pretty seriously, much unlike the procrastinating queen here. The reason I never really like her much is because she kind of gives off a condescending aura. Maybe it’s the way she talks, I don’t quite know.

Then came this incident earlier in the semester. I won’t go into the details, but it involved picking teammates for an assignment of sorts. There’s this thing that she said that made my temper flare. She did not want to be in the same team with this group of people, but she had no choice since all the other people have already formed their teams. And that was when she said those words – “I’ll be honest with you, some of these people are totally brainless”. It may not have been these exact words but I’m dead sure that it included her accusing people of being totally brainless.

Bear in mind that these people are the people who have been classmates with her for 3 whole years. People who have been nothing less than friendly and cordial to her all 3 years. If she is so dead set on not having them as her teammates, she could very well shut her trap and choose not to team with them, why say people are brainless when they haven’t done a thing to you? All they did was have the misfortune of being in the same class as you.

Now, I know you are smart, smarter than a lot of us, no doubt. But that does not mean you can put down other people by calling them brainless. They may not be as brainy as you but to insult them by saying they are brainless is simply too much. It’s been months since that incident happened, but to this day I still haven’t got over the statement she made. Perhaps people can forgive and forget. But for me, the only brainless one here is her. I am by nature, very vengeful. And so, I do not think I will ever find it in me to forgive what she has said. If she is so god damn good and smart and brainy and wonderful, she can go suck my dick. I really couldn’t care less.

Disclaimer: I don’t think she was referring to me in that statement, but that does not mean I cannot get angry over it. Those people happen to be my classmates too.

p.s. What’s in this blog, stays in this blog. I hope you know what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Bitchin’

  1. Hey! I could totally relate to the fun fact 😀
    Except mine is … and I’m not sure whether do I use it every single post … but definitely most of them.

    Fun Fact #2: Cherrie has a dick (?)
    Sorry if it’s inappropriate to your bitchin’ post but I can’t help it 😦

    Yeah, she sucks for calling someone else brainless. Reminds me of that dude in my class … he was talking to my friend, holding an English novel, asking her whether had she read that book. She said no, and his response was “Do you even read books?”

  2. Kritz: Lol. Okay lah, I don’t use for every single post I think. For example, meaningless camwhore posts with only pictures, extremely angsty posts that I pounded out on the keyboard & published without a second thought. LOL. And a dick, well, possible right? xD

    Pompous people suck.

    -sqiang-: Arigato lol. xD

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