Random nonsense because I’m weird like that

I have got to stop being so obsessed with reading. I seriously don’t think it’s healthy, me being like this. I get this heady rush when I see a good book and I get really excited when I go into a huge bookstore. That’s not the worst part yet. I tend to completely lose myself and literally shut myself off from the outside world, abandoning my phone, computer and all when I am engrossed in a book. Just today, I found myself resurfacing after burying my nose in a book for hours only to realise that it’s already 4 in the morning. And in turn completely ignored my assignment. Le-sigh.

Though, I found that it’s hard being a grammar nazi sometimes. It kinda robs you of the pleasure of reading when you find yourself constantly nitpicking and agonising over some grammar or spelling mistakes that you’ve found. And I’ll find myself flipping through the book to find out who the editor was and mentally curse him/her for being lousy. I do think that’s kinda harsh but that’s just the way I am. -_- Would love to care less if I could. Certainly would help my blood pressure level quite a bit. Just a couple of days ago, I found myself itching to ask to edit an entire group assignment because the language is atrocious. Alas, I dissuaded myself because frankly, I’ve had more than enough on my plate to handle right now. Sigh. *butIreallydislikehandingworkthat’snotuptomyexpectations*

But what the heck. I shouldn’t be here rambling nonsense at almost 5 in the morning when I should be doing my god damn assignment. Ugh. Ciao.

One thought on “Random nonsense because I’m weird like that

  1. Editting assignments are fun – when my friend was still in Univ taking his accounting and marketing course, I’d do revisions for him all the time and still do for my cousin. Two eyes are better than one and different people spot different things! I love doing it because I know how helpful it is and there’s nothing better than seeing your family/friends succeed in school for a few minutes of help!

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