Pre-graduation photo shoot

Last Friday the entire PR 3 took our pre-graduation photos! 😀 We had loads of fun doing all sorts of nonsense together. Here are some of the pictures we took that day, you can visit my facebook album for more. Oh, and special thanks to Sqiang for lending me your jersey!

Girls of PR3! Plenty of hot chicks eh? xD

Germany team.


One more because I’m Team England lol.



And I don’t have pictures of Brazil. T-T

Candid. 😀

Captain (class rep) & I.

My honey & I~

Me, honey, baby dear. My honey very leng lui hor~~~

Evonne & I facing off!

With Z-teng~


Me loves PR3!

9 thoughts on “Pre-graduation photo shoot

      • coz im awaiting ur this post ma…haha
        cannot see the shorts then no need wear lolx, sexy! =X
        i come PR3 u intro to me? i want single and available de…but i dont think still gt single in ur class =X

  1. Sqiang: Errr… Still got a few left geh… If interested better hurry up while stock lasts. xD

    Prexus: Well, not ALL M’sian girls are hot. Though our class certainly has quite a few hot chicks. 😀 Bad blow to the self-esteem LOL!

    loverboy1988: Hahaha, thanks!

  2. LOL, how is it a bad blow to self-esteem? You fit right in with all the other leng luis… it’s only a bad blow if you don’t look as good as them 😄 I’d hate to be the “ugly fat girl” in the class like that.. it’d totally mess up their self-image though.

    Speaking of which, I just noticed… you wear makeup when you play soccer? 😆

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