Bon Odori!

Seldom am I this efficient but here’s the Bon Odori pictures I went to just a couple of hours ago! 😀 It was my first time to the Bon Odori too so I took shit load of pictures of nothing particularly interesting. However, since yours truly has the SHS a.k.a. Shaky Hands Syndrome, only a handful of pictures are actually clear. -_- Oh yes, I met 3 of my uni mates there as well. O.o Small world.

It was super crowded and food was very  overpriced so I only had a beef don (which wasn’t hot and cost me RM10) and two pieces of sushi. T-T Pictures will be very random because I am sleepy.

Here’s the center stage where the cultural dances took place. They repeated the same dances for 3 whole times throughout the night. -_-

We sat right under the lanterns to eat! No chairs to sit FML for wearing a dress.

Looks very romantic but we’re actually very close to the dustbin. -_-

Weren’t kidding about the shit loads of people part.

Obligatory “I was there” picture. I look damn weird and excuse my hair but this is the only picture that wasn’t blur. T_T

You might wonder why I don’t use flash – This is what happens when I use flash. Everything is super dark. See girls in cute yukata. 🙂 I almost wanted to kill when I saw some Malay chick wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans underneath her yukata wtf.

Mum with the free fan. 😀

Cultural dances.

Managed to get a pretty clear picture of a Japanese girl on stage performing. However, her back was facing me. T_T

There was this super kawaii little Japanese girl busy eating her temaki while people kept queuing up to take pictures with her.

See? Busy nomming. 😀 She’s just this random Japanese girl sitting there with her family when people started requesting pictures all of a sudden lol.

Then there’s this decidedly not-so-kawaii Chinese girl camwhoring when she sees the same dances repeated for the third and final time that night.


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