Lemme rant.

Ok, this post was originally meant to be ranted out over at my twitter but it was too long so I shall make it into a blog post. Nothing interesting, just me ranting about my dissatisfaction as usual.

Last Monday, I asked for 3-4pages of work from each & everyone of you. All agreed that a deadline on Sunday is very reasonable. All agreed to pass up their work on time so that I would have enough time to look through and edit if there are any mistakes. That way, we would be able to get the report ready in time for our lecturer to have a look at them on Thursday or Friday, as that are the only days she is in Kampar for classes.

Oh, did I mention that I was the only one who managed to make the deadline? It’s okay, I understand the World Cup only happens every four years, despite the fact that I’ve actually managed to finish the report AND watch the World Cup finals. I thought a day or two of extension would be fine, as I would still have time to edit things properly. Fortunately, out of the three group members, two sent them to me on Monday.

Today is Thursday. I have just had the said lecturer’s class in the afternoon. Up until 3am yesterday, I still have not receive everything I was supposed to get on Sunday. Which means someone was four days late. I was informed in class that the report was sent this morning. Now that I’ve checked my email, I see that it was sent at 11.17am today. And it was two pages long.

Now, I have less than 24 hours to edit everything in order to actually meet our agreed-upon deadline.

The fact that the real deadline for the report was extended to next week is irrelevant. I am merely stating my dislike for group assignments. This post is the prime example of why.

It’s okay though, half a year more and I’ll be done with this shit.

7 thoughts on “Lemme rant.

  1. Half a more year when you don’t have to put up with school groups… but whatever field or career you are going into, expect that you will be working with a team and like school, not all team members will carry their own weight. I know we all want to wish the world is perfect, that our workplace is perfect and moreover, that groups we encounter is life will be perfect – but that is not the case.

    Managing personalities in groups are hard. Everyone has different way or doing things, different mentality on what a “due date” means and how much effort they want to put in. Before I got my new role as a project manager, I thought having people “work together” was easy… it is not – especially when the group have people who’s ideals conflict with each other. I understand your frustration because I’ve been through it before, school AND work – but these are things you have to learn to deal with in some way shape or form because you will encounter it in the future at work as well.

  2. aunty.. i bet everyone is facing the same problem.. but please do endure, a few months left only and dun let those assignment spoil the friendship between u and ur frens… cheers.. ^.^

    • Sqiang: Lol, this kinda things always happen. I’ll feel better once I rant.

      Prexus: Hahaha, I know very well that people like these are everywhere. I’ve met quite a few during my part time jobs throughout the years lol. T_T Oh well, guess that’s why the blog is here – for me to rant! LOL.

      Aunty: I won’t. ^_^

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