I have been a terrible blogger. I’ve abandoned my camera and my blog for too long. 😦 Sigh, I have to remind myself to actually USE the goddamn camera and UPLOAD it into my laptop. -_-

It’s just that I can’t find many things to take pictures of here. Unless you wanna see almost daily pictures of me camwhoring the hell outta myself. Lol! I’ll probably be busy this couple of weeks doing assignments/shopping online/procrastinating, but I’ll see what I can do to bring my blog back to its glory days lol wtf. Till then, bear with the crappy recent updates kay? 😦

I shall leave you with a big ass picture of mine in case you’ve forgotten how I looked like. Lol. :p

‘Tis my first time wearing so much eyeliner. O.O Make my eyes bigger, no?

6 thoughts on “Bribe

  1. What the… you look really different, lol. The one I recall of you before was you sitting on like a window-ledge or something, haha. Are you a make-up girly girl? 😛 What’s wrong with the way your eyes were without the eyeliner? LOL…

    Take pictures of the places around you! I want some nice scenery of Malaysia… show me everything they have to offer 😀

    Noes, being busy and doing assignments suck because then who’s going to talk with me while I sit idly at work? 😄

    • I’m learning the fine arts of make up lol wtf. Hmm, perhaps I’ll take some pics of my uni? It looks quite nice but everyone has prolly taken pictures of everything already. Except me. -_-

      Ish! I also wanna sit idly. T__________T

      • Why need make-up wor? Girls who need make up need to cover their imperfection 😄 Beauty is supposed to be natural, lol. You don’t need make-up, why waste money or time on it? haha… save money to buy other things instead 😀

        Take pictures of your Uni? LOL… do you have no life or something besides school? 😆 Go take some mountain or forest scenery or something! Maybe sunrise and sunset too.

        No, yur not allowed to sit idly, you have to keep me company while I try not to fall asleep at work 😛

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