WTF list

My mind functions in such as way that it would probably elicit a wtf? response from others if I were to reveal some of the nonsense that seems to invade my brain at the strangest of times. I would be hit with weird thoughts that seemingly came out of nowhere when I’m in the midst of attending a lecture or just before falling asleep at night.

Today, I present to you the WTF list that was compiled late at night when there was a particularly vicious bug attack in my room. I hate all bugs to the core and the current bug attacks in Kampar is literally driving me insane.

5 Worst Places to be Bitten by a Bug

1) The palm. It is a total nightmare when there’s a bug bite on my palm. If I scratch it, it hurts like a bitch. If I don’t, it itches like hell.

2) Finger tips/in between fingers. Try and type with mosquito bites on your finger tips, go on.

3) The sole. It’s even worse if you have to wear socks or shoes. Especially if it itches and hurt at the same time.

4) Face. Nothing nicer than having weird, itchy, red bumps on your face eh?

5) Eye lids. Technically, this belongs to the face category, but I feel it deserves a special mention due to the infuriating torture inflicted on the unfortunate soul who manage to get bitten on his eye lids. Don’t laugh! I actually knew someone who once had mosquito bites on his eye lids! Sadly for him, everyone laughed their asses off.

Now I gotta go back to scratching this insane bite on my ankle! Zzzzzzz.




My Harry Potter tag.

Day 2 Your fave movie – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It brought magic into my world. I’ve lost track of how many times I watched it. Lol.

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