We often lament about students’ mastery of the English language nowadays. Despite the fact that English is one of the most widely used language in the world, there are still so many youngsters nowadays who cannot speak or write in English properly even if their lives depend on it. Before we bombard the kids for not paying enough attention in schools or being stupid, we first have to take a look at the people who are supposed to help mould the future generations into being the leaders of tomorrow.

I really don’t know about you, but the place where I am at doesn’t exactly have a fantastic team of educators who can help the mostly Chinese-educated students master this very important language. I have had lecturers with atrocious pronunciations, atrocious grammar and atrocious spellings. Basically, they’re plain shitty when it comes to English. These people are the ones who will be grading all our assignments, tests and exam papers.

Tell me now, how do you trust someone who messes up singular and plural forms to correctly and fairly grade your papers? Or, how on earth are you supposed to trust them to fully understand and grade your presentations when they so obviously couldn’t even master basic English? More importantly, how are you going to do well in your studies if the study materials are full of mistakes and does not make sense??

While I do admit that my English has vast rooms for improvements, I simply could not comprehend how some people can become educators at all.

Extreme is not pronounced as ice-cream.

A person is. Please do not say a person are. And no, when you say a person, there is no ‘s’ at the end of person.

I could go on. And on. And on. And on. And on. But they say a picture’s worth a thousand words. So there.

Now tell me, what the fuck is this slide even trying to say? I could try and dissect the meaning but sitting through the entire lecture filled with this kinda slides has given me a splitting headache so I’m not even gonna try.

12 thoughts on “Puzzled.

  1. I was Skype chatting with one of my friends and then pasted it into the conversations (with a group of like 7 other people) and none of us could figure out what this meant. We all laughed our asses off…. in fact, someone made a really funny assumption of what this slide was trying to say and for like an entire minute, I was trying to gasp for air because I was laughing so hard – couldn’t stop, but about to suffocate!

    You bring such happiness to me 😆 LLOLOLOL!

  2. lolz… i understand what u mean… my lecturers are just as bad if not worse. i think what the slide is saying based on my interpretation is this.

    – Agrees about problems faced by Anderson
    – But she looks into the PAST services and the difficulty replacing the services with quality.
    -Should have included her in the decision making.

    Lolz… that’s my interpretation… xP

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