Random musings

Whenever I see photos of my primary school and secondary school friends all grown up and doing grown up things like clubbing and drinking, I find it very hard to digest the fact that we have all grown up now. In my minds, they were still stuck in their respective eras, the tweens and the teens.

To me, my 9 year-old crush would remain that way for an eternity. I think I would prefer to keep it this way. I don’t think I wanna see pictures of MY 9 year-old crush passed out drunk next to a toilet bowl. 😦

One thought on “Random musings

  1. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do little girl 😀 haha. I actually think that when they exit the clubbing and drinking stage… THAT’S when they really begin to grow up… if they’re still doing that, they’re far from it! 😛

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