Remember I said I usually read books too fast to make a “Now Reading” widget useful? This is usually true. I brought two huge books back with me to Kampar on my last trip home during study week a week ago. I finished BOTH books on a single day, the day before my first paper was due to start. -__-

In my lifetime, there are only a handful of books which I’ve never been able to finish, mostly due to the fact that those books are not my cup of tea. Those books include my dad’s motivational books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (which was horrible for me, too dull! I kept skipping from anecdotes to anecdotes and didn’t even manage to finish the whole thing), and the Stephanie Meyer book, “The Host”, which I just couldn’t bring myself to flip the pages.These are a couple of books that I never plan on returning to and finishing. -__-

There is also another book that’s worth a mention here. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. Truthfully, the book was pretty okay. But the pace! The pace is just… so… god… damn… slow… There wasn’t any motivation for me to even turn to the next page. I bought the book way back in 2008. It is the most battered copy of story book I have because I remember lugging it back and forth the office when I worked for Standard Chartered two years ago (zomg was it that long ago?!). All that lugging around didn’t help, considering the fact that I even brought it back to Kampar with me in an effort to try and finish the book. In between that time, I must have read tens of other books which I devoured greedily at no time at all.

However, I am pleased to announce that after two long years, I have finally managed to finish the book! Forcing myself to read on, I took quite a few afternoons of doing nothing but lying on the bed and read. Oddly enough, even though I’ve managed to finally finish the book, I feel no sense of satisfaction or achievement. 😦 The book is now back in my KL book shelves collecting dust. Lol.

I am on my never ending quest to collect enough books to make my own little library one day. 😀 Yay!

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