Sleepy rambles

I’ve always wondered how some bloggers could stand to put hideous photos of themselves in their blogs. Hideous in a sense that I can see all that greasy hair, enlarged pores, blackheads and what-nots in their full glory. And they seem perfectly okay with everyone staring at that unwashed grease pot hair (wtf is grease pot hair? The lack of sleep is getting to me arghhh)!

I am honestly very puzzled because I for one, can’t imagine putting up pictures of myself like that. If a photo I took was hideous (believe me, there are plenty), I’d rather take another better one or not post them at all. So why ah? Is it because they are very confident with themselves and the way they look so they are unperturbed by the photos?

6 thoughts on “Sleepy rambles

  1. I am jealous of those who have such self-confidence. I rarely post pictures of myself on facebook because I cannot stand the way I look. However, I have many guy friends who I think look even worse than me (physically), but yet, plaster photos of themselves and they are not ashamed. I really wish I could have the confidence that they do… or maybe I’m overly self-conscious.

    • Haha, I guess you could call it self-confidence, however misguided they are. I don’t know, I just wished they’d wash their hair or something before snapping a photo and posting for the whole world to see. I’m very self-conscious too. I don’t think it’s an especially bad thing in cases like this though. Lol.

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