Once again, I’ve disappeared off the blogosphere for almost an entire month. I was caught up in too many things all at once and I had my energy all sapped out. The month of May kicked off with my final exams and a flu that refuses to leave me in peace. I’ll talk about the flu and my shitty immune system some other day. Today’s topic will be on something entirely different, though not any more pleasant.

I play an online game called MapleStory. It was first introduced to me by my brother in late 2006. My mum and I were subsequently hooked on the game (Yes, my mum. Stop gawking.). Due to me starting my tertiary education, I began spent lesser time on the game. But my mum was and still is very gung-ho about the game.

A couple of days ago, one of my mum’s game accounts was hacked. Years of efforts, money and time spent were all gone in a day. The hacker took every single cent and item in all four game characters’ inventories, leaving not even a smidgen of dust in them. If that was not bad enough, the hacker also deliberately dropped a few other valuable, irreplaceable, and untradeable items (meaning that the items will only be of use to that character and that character only) when he couldn’t transfer it to his accounts or to sell it. Bear in mind that those items, once dropped, cannot be recovered in any way.

Like I said, years of effort, money, and time were invested into those characters and items. The game was a favourite past time of my mum, and now the hacker has completely robbed her of the simple pleasures of playing a game. The act of hacking is already the wrongest of wrongs. The act of deliberately trying to hurt the hacked person by deleting every single thing from their inventories even if he could not possibly gain any advantages over doing so is just plain malicious.

It is simply not possible to rebuild the characters back to the way they were. Like I said, the money and items took years to accumulate. And some items were limited editions that cannot, in any way, be replaced.

Times like this, I wish death would inflict itself upon those despicable characters.You may think this is a little overreacting for a mere game, but to me, this goes beyond “just a game”. It speaks volume about the kind of person you are if you would stoop to such low levels to rob people of their rightful things.

Over and out.

5 thoughts on “Malice

  1. I’ve played many years of online games like that and although I have never been unfortunate enough to be a victim of hacking, I can understand how it feels to have so much time, effort and money gone down the drain just like that. This was clearly more than just “out for riches”… it was a targeted attack if they dropped items which were No-Trade and useless to them. This is kind of like a theif who not only steals, but even beats the victim up needlessly. Do you think she ever wronged someone to be targeted like that or do you think it was random?

    • From what I gathered, there seemed to be a mass attack on other players as well, particularly high-leveled ones. My mum even managed to track down the hacker who was blatantly selling all her items in the open. However, the management didn’t do anything to help even though they had the power to track all transactions of items and thus, could find out the culprit behind this. My guess is that it’s probably some inside people whom they couldn’t lie their hands on.

      • WTF… they know and yet do nothing? Gah… so glad I don’t play MP. I saw my cousin playing it once and I wasn’t a big fan of 2D, so didn’t bother starting it. I did hear a lot of people really go crazy over that game, but I couldn’t deal with the lack of battle-style.. maybe that’s just me. Depending on whether what you say is true… if it was a hacker who brute-forced passwords, using a long/complex password helps deter hackers. If it really was someone on the inside, then it’s hard to stop if they have access to user accounts DB or something. Then again, if it was someone on the inside, why even do that? Why not just give themselves whatever they want anyways? Blah.. that blows nuts.

        • Hehe, it’s more of a girl/kid style of game. Yeah, they actually had the ability to retrieve all the hacked stuff but they just didn’t do it. Bah, this game is basically all about he who has the most money to blow being the boss now. I’m getting sick of it too.

          • In general, a well-built game should allow players to “get to the top” without having to buy extra stuff. Buying should be optional that may make things easier or allow customization, but should not determine who succeeds at it. Oh well, time to look for a new game! 😀

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