Ha(ir) ha(ir) ha(ir)!

It’s been raining like crazy every day this past two weeks. While it’s good that the weather’s no longer making me sweat buckets everyday, the rainy days also means that the internet connection is sucking even more badly than usual. Yeah, shocking, I know. And to think they’d had the audacity to launch their new so-called HIGH SPEED broadband that’s still tonnes slower than other countries’ normal broadband speed. Ugh. Why not improve the current one first?

Anyway, since I’ve once again neglected this poor blog of mine for quite some time and I still haven’t managed to post up any pictures of my new haircut (which isn’t really new anymore -_-), here’s a picture I took when I was in Singapore for a really short trip two weeks back.

Well, truth be told, I ain’t loving this hairstyle. I didn’t know that short hair is this hard to maintain! I’ve NEVER had any problems with my hair before and now, it’s curling everywhere! I was told I needed to apply serum and blow dry it and all sorts of stuff… The horror! I’m extremely lazy to do anything with my hair, I don’t even condition it back when it was so long that it reached my waist. Now… T____T It’s a mess.

I’m contemplating whether I should let it grow out again since my hair grows extremely fast or to get an edgier haircut. This one makes me look so much older, not in a good way. -__- Sigh. Decisions decisions decisions.

7 thoughts on “Ha(ir) ha(ir) ha(ir)!

  1. OMGOMGOMG @ Haircut!!!!

    High-speed internet is only relevant to the immediate area. Even high-speed in Canada is not all that great if you compare to places like HK, Europe, Japan, etc. so you can only compare probably within surrounding areas 😛 It’s too bad, because at the rate we pay for internet in Canada, it is outrageous compared to other countries that offer it at HALF the price, but 5x faster… bleh.

    Short hair is equally painful to manage as long… the only exception to that is a guy’s haircut when he just trims it all down, LOL… then really, there’s just “nothing left” to manage 😀 Short hair, even though seems to make one thing there is less maintenance, it also means “mistakes” or “messiness” in short hair is even more visibly noticeable than flaws on longer hair which can be cover things up, hehe.

    Think about leaving it long again?

    • Hahaha, all my friends who saw it on my first day back to uni had eyes the size of saucer plates and mouths hanging open for a full minute. They couldn’t even recognised me at first! -_-

      Yeah, here too. They’re charging an obnoxious price for something that doesn’t even live up to its promise.

      I’m still contemplating on leaving it long or cut it short! My hair used to lay really flat when it was long. I’m not used to this hair curling here and there. T___T And I think it’s higher maintenance than my long hair since I have to go for regular trims LOL.

      • Oh come on, you don’t look that different where someone wouldn’t be able to recognize you, haha. I just thought that the cut is really good and actually doesn’t fit all-too-badly! I always imagined you to be more of the long-haired-person, so seeing a short-cut on you is definitely interesting! Actually, long hair makes you look too thin and skeletony, lol – so now you actually appear to have some meat on you 😆 I’m a big lover of long hair on girls, but there are some who can make short hair look classy!

        I used to pay these nutty prices, like $50CAD (160rm/month) for internet and I said I was tired of the crappy service and speeds. Now I switched to only $30CAD and even though it’s still crappy service, the speeds are better AND at least I’m not paying just as much for equal crap 😀 If I’m going to get crap, then at least I shouldn’t be paying a high price for it – lol, you get what you pay for! I suppose the infrastructure here is probably decently advanced, but I’m just wondering why a nation that INVENTED the telephone service can’t even get decent wiring to run some faster internet service. Do you get better speeds when you’re on campus?

        My hair curls too (ewww) when it gets long, lol, I hate it. It’s weird for Asian people to have curly hair and I used to pull on my hair all the time. For a while when I was younger, I even took a few of my mom’s clips and straighten my hair with it because I was so annoyed. Of course, that didn’t do much and my hair is still curly once it gets long. ARG! Why do those who want curly hair don’t have it and the ones who don’t want it, get it? 👿

        • Well, I think my previous hairstyle was too long for me too. That’s what happens when I don’t keep up my visits to the salon haha. Short hair simply requires too much effort to maintain. I’m too much of a lazy bum lol. I think I’ll probably leave it to grow till shoulder length and keep it that way for a while. 🙂

          And no, unfortunately, the internet speed on campus is… abysmal too. =.=

          • Wow, only using your own savings? What a gwai lui 😄 not depending on mommy and daddy, hehe. I suppose for guys it’s a bit different because when we have short hair, we don’t have to do anything about it… I can wake up and walk out the door, lol… or maybe that’s just me 😀 I used to style my hair a lot back in high-school, but now, it’s just a damn haircut that’s clean and makes me look professional. I don’t want to look like some bum who came off the street 😆

            Ewww… how can campus internet be bad? That’s just downright WRONG.

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