Magic Pill

Here’s something random because I am, as usual, procrastinating. I’m supposed to find information for my assignments but I have a really short attention span. Polishing up my final year project earlier has sucked up all my dedication for academic stuff for the day.

Okay, back to the random stuff I was talking about. What if, I had a magic pill that would enable one to focus 100% on the task he/she is supposed to be completing? A hundred percent of undivided attention and focus towards the task at hand. And let’s just say, what if the magic pill lasts about 2 hours. If I sell it at 20bucks a piece, do you think it’d be a viable business?

Lol. If there really were such a pill, I’d be the first to queue up.

Anyway, I had a speed typing session in the library today. Since a student can only borrow a maximum of 4 books and the photocopy machine in the library requires a special photocopy card in order to be operated, I typed out 8 full pages of word document, copying 4 books word-by-word. My arms almost fell off at the end. If it weren’t for the library closing at 7pm, I would’ve continued to type out book 5 too. -__- The things I do for my assignments. Ugh. Now, if only the magic pill comes with performance boost as well. I think I’d be able to bump the price up to 100bucks each.

p.s. It may sound really strange but I’ve finally finished up this post when I noticed someone posting a new comment on my previous post that says I’d be the best sample for his FYP research on procrastination. Well, I couldn’t agree more. There is no finer sample else where if you wish to research on the topic of procrastination. I ain’t called the Queen of Procrastination for nothing ya know?

3 thoughts on “Magic Pill

    • Oh crap, there’s already a magiv pill? D:

      Hahah, I don’t have ADHD, I can focus perfectly well when reading a story book or doing something I really like. Assignments and school work, unfortunately, aren’t something I really like. LOL.

      • Haha, there’s TONS of those magic pills already. Pharmaceutical companies have everything that will take your money out of your pockets 😛 As long as you have the money, they can make it! I know a lot of people who have attention deficit problems, in fact, even one guy at work has it and when he’s not medicated, he can’t even concentrate while you’re talking to him 😕 Very common nowadays… I wonder what’s in our water and air.

        Sounds like you have a school-related-ADHD, haha. Oh well, it’s almost over anyways, just get it over with and it’ll all be behind you!

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