Deader than dead

I’ve really gotta blog whenever I feel like it. Sometimes, I refrain from posting a lot of posts in a few days because I don’t want the posts to get pushed down so quickly. But sometimes, I feel as inspired as a piece of dried fish, that’s when postings become rare and hard to come by. -_- I guess you could tell that it’s one of those dried fish times for me now.

Oh well, I’ve really gotta rush all my assignments and projects now. Instead of the usual one assignment per subject, we’re having at least TWO assignments for each subject. With 5 core subjects this semester, I’m deader than dead. This procrastination thingy has gotta stop. Oh god why do I have such a short attention span. Sigh!

3 thoughts on “Deader than dead

  1. We all know what’s the cause of it… Lazy.
    And because lack of interest and bla bla, u name it.

    It may cause a person to have lack of sleep, which effects health problem such as heart defects.
    It will cause a person to lose a better performance due to stress and lack of sleep.
    Although those who do not procrastinates may suffer stress at the point the task are given than those procrastinates (such as u). But the level of stress in the last minute process is so high that if this continues, it may cause a person to suffer, especially in terms of emotional, as a result, ups and downs relationships and may have suicidal thoughts.

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