cranky old man

if you had read my blog thoroughly enough, you might possibly have noticed the little wish list on my side bar. the side bar has been there ever since i set up this blog, which was in 2007.

throughout this three years, i’ve finally managed to cross two out of the three items listed there. granted, they were all pretty expensive and not quite easy to acquire as i am a mere student with no stable source of income (allowance from my parents does not constitute stable income -_-). so i guess it was pretty good that i’ve actually managed to at least get two of of the three items that i’ve been coveting after since a bazillion years ago.

the only thing left on the list, which, coincidentally is also the most expensive thing on the list, is a laptop.

the laptop that i’m currently typing on does not, in fact, belong to me. it is a family laptop that was bought way back in 2003 if i am not mistaken. that is positively dinosaur age for laptops. so far, it has been serving its purpose pretty well. there’s just a teeny weeny little problem. my laptop sounds like a cranky old man. my guess is that the ancient built-in fan is finally giving up after years and years and years of usage.

so now, i’m stuck with a laptop that coughs and wheezes like nobody’s business. my friends who came over my place for an assignment the other day was frightened by the sudden croaking and wheezing of my laptop. -_-

anyway, this post serves no purpose other than to make fun of my ancient laptop. i supposed i’ll get a new one for myself when i’m finally working. or not. since my house actually has a total of 2 desktops and 3 laptops. funny i was given the most ancient one to use though. *shrugs*

stop wheezing you blardy old man!

3 thoughts on “cranky old man

  1. I’ve actually noticed it the first time I read it… freaky eh? LOL.

    Too bad you didn’t live around here, I’d donate you a laptop to use. Given your laptop has survived since ’03, I’d say you got your MONIES worth outta it! Turnover on most laptops nowadays are around 3-years, if that. Laptops can or can not be expensive, you choose the quality/price point you want. You can easily get one from around $500 CAD that are decent enough to do movies, music, homework, etc. I’d be careful about keeping your data BACKED UP in case your computer decides to die. Always keep 3-copies of your important data, just in case something happens.

    Come visit me and I’ll donate one of my laptops to you 😄

      • Ohh.. that’s ok then if you have a backup, at least you have one versus having NONE. My cousin recently had to get me to help her out with a hard drive because she dropped it. Given she had no backup, I had to take it to a factory to have them “put it back together” and cost a few thousand dollars.

        Plane tickets are on-sale right now, haha. And plus, if you came to visit me, it wouldn’t strictly be for the laptop right? 😦 It is so I can say “hi” – LOL!

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