dear diary

i am not a very sociable girl. i am not so good with crowds, especially around people i am not closed to. i am not very good at face-to-face interaction. often finding it much easier to just write what i think, instead of saying them.

i do not have the patience of a saint. in fact, i would say my fuse is pretty short (like my stature). i have no tolerance for people or things that i find offensive, boring, dumb, or annoying.

i am the way i am. and i know that the way i am will inevitably offend other people who do not share my point of view or my way of life. i cannot, for the life of me, understand how some people’s minds work. and i do not expect those people to understand how mine works either.

the bottom line is, all i ask is a little bit of tolerance, a little bit of consideration and just a little bit more of being mindful of others.

i cannot wait for the day of my graduation. and i cannot wait to leave this dreaded town where many dreaded things and memories reside.

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