Om nom nom nom

Somehow I’m not in a good mood today despite the improved weather. It’s now raining outside. I guess once again, people put a damper to my spirits. It’s incredible how mean and selfish some can be. Oh well, since I’m bored to death, I shall do a quick post on food. 🙂

Our Chinese New Year Reunion this year was huge! A grand total of 10 dishes for four people lol. Needless to say, we were all stuffed silly. xD

I helped my mom cook one of the dishes, which was the mushroom one. Uhm, it was too buttery though. -_- Major fail. Butter just doesn’t really go well with Chinese dishes I guess.

The ones in tupperwares were cooked by my grandma who insisted that she have dinner alone at her new place and told us not to disturb her. -_____- Yeah, my family’s strange like that. The rest were cooked by my mom and my dad bought one packet of duck back too.

It was nice! 😀 Aside from my mushroom la. T_T

After dinner, I still had some pressing matters to attend to. This year, the Chinese New Year coincided with Valentine’s Day, so that means I had to split my time between my family and my boyfriend on the 14th of February. Lol.

Anyway, this year I decided to go the handmade way instead of the commercial way. I did a scrapbook for him last year so I wasn’t gonna repeat it. After much thought and research, I finally settled on making chocolate truffles! I had to modify the recipes a lil to suit my wants though. 🙂

I used Hershey’s baking chocolate which had 100% cacao and also their Special Dark bar which had 40% cacao. Not cheap. -__- 1 bar of cooking chocolate and 4 bars of special darks.

1. Break chocolate into pieces.

2. Boil water in a pot.

3. Melt chocolate in a double boiler ( I didn’t have one so I just put a heatproof metal plate over a pot of water lol) and slowly stir in a can of condensed milk.

4. Continue stirring till chocolates are all melted.

5. Refrigerate melted chocolate for about two hours. Let it thaw out for awhile if the chocolate is too hard to be scooped out.

6. Roll chocolate into balls. I couldn’t do it as the chocolate melt like crazy when I put them on my palm to roll into balls. -_- Major fail. I ended up using an ice-cream scoop. Which explains why my truffles were such a monstrous size. Oh yeah, I stuffed strawberries and marshmallows into the middle of the truffles too. 😀

7. After rolling them, stick them in the fridge to harden up a bit before rolling them in cocoa powder.

8. And we’re done! 😀

I forgot to take a picture of the completed box because I’m a scatterbrain. But the amount I made was enough for about 22 truffles lol. I supposed if you rolled them smaller you could definitely make more lol.

And that’s it! It was actually pretty yummy too. Hehe. 😀 But uhm, not sure if I would do it next time I have a craving for truffles. It took hours! And by the time I was done, my arms were sore from scraping the chocolate and pressing them into the ice-cream scoop and then forcing them out again.

p.s. I realised I’m really bad at writing cooking posts because I don’t remember the measurements of the ingredients at all. >.>

Okie, now that I’m done with this food post, time for dinner!

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