And people wonder why I’m so angsty.

It is now 2.18am. I have classes tomorrow which starts at 9.30am. Which means that I’d have to wake up at 8am to prepare for class.

I’m not asleep yet. In fact, I don’t think I can fall asleep just yet. You see, I’m one of those people that have a hard time falling asleep. Noises & lights are part of the reasons I can’t fall asleep. Any light seeping underneath my door frame would prevent me from falling asleep. Even the sound of the fan spinning sometimes irks me so much that I toss and turn the whole night.

Tonight’s issue, however, is not the fan, nor the light seeping underneath my door. It is the fact that, cigarette smoke is wafting into my room through the said cracks underneath my door frame, as well as the music that is currently blasting loudly. Yes, at 2 plus in the morning.

Sometimes, people are just plain inconsiderate. Perhaps, it has never crossed their minds that there are actually people who would want to get some sleep since it’s already dead at night and they have classes to attend tomorrow.

Inconsiderate, insensitive, or maybe just plain retarded. Whaddaya think?

5 thoughts on “And people wonder why I’m so angsty.

  1. haha… the last portion of your blog entry is so unladylike tsk tsk 😛

    You should get one of those ear plugs and eye-shields for when you sleep!

    Speaking of which, I should mention that I really like your new Gravatar! Very stylish and cool angle 😀

    • Hahaha ok ok i edited the last part. Was very frustrated because I couldn’t sleep lol. I tried ear plugs! But my ears are apparently too small. -_- I can’t even fit normal earphones in them, the earphones would just fall off. -__________-

      Thanks! 😀

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