It’s been…

… exactly one month since I’ve last blogged. Terrible. Well, I’ve decided to come here and do a proper blog post for once instead of twittering furiously every day. I guess I don’t wanna die tomorrow and have people come here and see that I haven’t blogged in so long. Haha. No, seriously.

I’ve been seeing a white butterfly around this two days ever since I got back to Kampar. I first saw it outside Pizza Hut while waiting for a taxi. I saw it again on my way back home from dinner today. Strange. I don’t see butterflies around often, especially not a pure white one.

Hmm, what else? I’m very behind on my Hong Kong posts. Very stressed over a slew of tutorial works and assignments that just seem to come nonstop. On top of that, I’ve been feeling under the weather. The weather doesn’t help too. Just a couple more Celsius and it would be the same as my body temperature already. Sigh, a hot Cherrie is not a happy Cherrie.

I haven’t gotten round to posting pictures of my new haircut too. The more I look at it, the more dreadful it seems. It’s like a mushroom. I wanna cut it some more. But as usual, my times back in KL always pass like a blur and I have no time to do anything at all due to the ridiculously little amount of time I have. I couldn’t even find the time to dye my hair to make it a little less dreadful.

Oh yes, I went to the S.H.E. concert last Saturday too. So hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a post on that soon. I’ve been a fan of them ever since they first appeared in the entertainment business. I was twelve. God, I feel so old. And so unaccomplished when I see people my age being so successful in their lives.

I guess you could tell that my emoness is on full blast today huh? Like I tweeted earlier, I feel like shit. Wet, drippy, bloody shit, to be exact. Ok, I shall go before I depress the hell out of everyone else as well.

One of my works for my class. Would’ve been much better if:

i) I wasn’t such a novice at photoshop

ii) my legs weren’t so short and stubby

Shoes were originally gold. Had to photoshop it red and cropped out the background, add in the effect and such. Pretty straight forward. But hey, like I said, I’m a complete noob at this, so it took way longer than it should have.

6 thoughts on “It’s been…

  1. Bloody, an awesome way to be celebrating International Women’s Day, yay! Feminism at its peak!

    I figured the heat would be something you’ve been used to. Whenever people ask me if I “like the heat” – I always tell them no, or else I would’ve stayed in my home-country and not move to Canada where it is nice and cold, haha. On the bright side, the reason why Asians are so thin is because we live in hot climates where we sweat all our fat out, lol – lucky you,,, free way to stay thin n’ beautiful.

    Why would you dye your hair anyways? 😛 Black hair on Asians = win, lol.. How can you even mention that you’re old?!! HAHA… in less than 3 weeks, I will be QUARTER century old, omfg! Noooooooo…. CRY CRY.

    Nothing wrong with being emo, girls are cute when they’re emo 😀 Guys love to baby an emo girl and make them feel all better ^___^ it’s what we do!

    • You were from an Asian country too? Nice! Then you’d probably understand the heat thingy. Haha, well, unfortunately I’m not one of those Asians that are thin. T_T So yeah, this weather has done nothing for me except giving me heat rashes. Sigh.

      Needa dye my hair to give it a lil more shape I guess. Otherwise it looks like a shroom. Haha, my emoness is enough to kill a whole village lol. xD

      • How are you feeling today? Better? 🙂 Coming to an end soon anyways! As fast as mother nature comes, as fast as she leaves 😛

        My home is 4 hours flight away from you in HK, haha – not very far! Although my flight from Canada is 18 hours, lol… I have to endure it in another 8 months when I fly back, yay, so happy. HK has disgusting summers and that’s why we never go back then. I’d probably pass out once I step off the plane. Even during winter time when I go back, I’m still in shorts and t-shirt, very obvious I am not a “local”… and I’m the one constantly standing in front of the air conditioner because of how hot it is, haha.

        I see a new picture, snazzy 😀 I thought dying hair just changes the colour of it? haha. Long hair = good. I like to be… well not ‘like’ – but I am emo once in a while… things just kinda smack you in the face and all you want to do is hit the wall repeatedly. But, you sleep, wake up and it’s another day waiting for ya!

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