Hong Kong Day 2!

Excuse me for the long delay. I’m finally free enough to edit the pictures and update properly. Blame the onslaught of assignments and presentations last week!

Anyway, day 2 was spent mostly in Macau. Where we got lost. Like, a million times. FOL.

We started the day with dim sum! How could you go to Hong Kong and not have dim sum right? 😀

Here’s my mom looking very happy with our menu/order/bill.

Not sure why but all the dim sum places we went to doesn’t have those carts being pushed around while the aunty yells out dim sum names. We had to choose the ones we want from the menu and then the kitchen makes it for us once we’ve confirmed our orders.

My brother. Waiting (im)patiently for our noms to arrive.

No pictures of me because no one offered to take mine. T-T And my camwhore pics are all blurry (too hungry hands shaking maybe wtf). So yeah.

Fried wan tans. Whopping HKD18. It hurts when you eat in Hong Kong. -__- But I tell you hor, the skin is so crispy! T_T And light! And I’m hungry.

(Lucky I damn smart took a picture of the receipt. Otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to remember what we had, let alone the prices of them. >.>)

Carrot cake was cheap because it was on morning promo! HKD6.80 only! 😀 And it had bits of waxed sausage inside mmmmm~ One of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had.

The obligatory har gao. Huge ass prawns inside.

And abalone siu mai. ❤ I can actually taste the abalone. T_T *bliss*

Chee cheong fan with char siu. Meh. HK’s chee cheong fans all have thick skins wtf. Feels like I’m chewing flour. I prefer our version.

Half eaten loh mai fan. T___T Sorry lah was hungry! Anyway, didn’t like their version too. I find it tasteless. >.>

Ladies and gentlemen. THIS. IS. THE. BEST.CHAR.SIU.PAU.EVAARRR! Don’t know how to explain this… but when you bite it, it gives you the “doink doink” feeling. Very Q. Damn near orgasmic okay. Haih I want to nom now.

Our bill came up to a total of HKD 164.80. You go and do the maths la. Heart pain sial.

After breakfast, we went to take a ferry ride to Macau!

If I’m not mistaken, we took the First Ferry. I forgot how much the ticket was. -_-

Finally, a picture of me! *note to self: invest in a blusher*

Mom and bro not amused at my trigger happy mode.

The rest of the ferry ride was spent dozing off and being annoyed by kids pictured in the background of the above photo. But honestly though, the ride wasn’t all that bad. When I was researching online, everyone was complaining about motion sickness on the ferry. Guess they’ve never sat one of those lao ya ferries to Pulau Tioman. *shrugs*

One hour later, we’ve arrived in Macau!

Took a bus from the ferry terminal (After searching for it for a million years)!

Took a picture of the bus stop so we would be able to find it later on (Didn’t work)!

Christmas deco was still on.

First stop:  Senado Square. Kinda like the town center I guess. I’m not too sure.

Christmas tree.

The architecture of the buildings were very stunning though.

As per normal, we had to settle some pressing matters first.


Everywhere we go, there were signs like these.

Pork chop bun pork chop bun and pork chop bun.

We ended up choosing this one.

They had a gigantic bun in front of their shop. Real one okay. -_-

Upstairs of the shop.

Damn wtf. You had to spend a minimum of HKD9 per person.


We ordered polo buns, egg tart, black forest and their pork chop bun.

One with butter and one without. Both tasteless.

Egg tart wasn’t nice. All I could taste was egg. No custard. It’s like biting into an egg yolk. Yucks.

Their famous pork chop bun.

Close up. Got bones wan. Exceedingly disappointing. It was really like a piece of meat ‘kiaped’ between a bun. That’s all. And the pork chop wasn’t even nice.

We hurriedly finished everything as my brother and I are close to being suffocated by all the cigarette smoke in the restaurant. Don’t go there. -_- Pick somewhere else. Seriously. And the staff is SUPER rude.

Moving on to sightseeing!

My mom and I at some random pretty alley.

Some bishop who founded the Holy House of Mercy. It’s a museum that’s damn hard to find. The entrance is located in an alley and looks like any other random door. =.=

Inside the Holy House of Mercy. I think the entrance fee was around HKD5 only.

Don’t know what’s this. I only know the Macao word. -_-

Some skull. O.o

Forced my brother to smile instead of acting cool. Hence the forced smile. -_-

After taking a look around the place, we wanted to move on to other places. But then the overly helpful curator came over and kept asking us to take pictures at the various picturesque spots in that tiny museum.  I guess he was very bored because we were the only ones there and it was close to closing time already.

Next stop was a church. Forgot what church already. =_= There was a sermon going on when we went in though.

The architecture of the church was beautiful. But I only took a few hurried shots because I didn’t wanna disturb anyone. -.-

Super crowded streets.


Oh yes, new boots for HKD80 because I couldn’t take the stupid Nike shoes torture anymore. Boots’ a few sizes too big but beggars can’t be choosers. The others costs a bomb.

Street signs in three languages. Most of the time, they only have it in Chinese and Portuguese. Which is why we kept getting lost. T_______T

I had one! Was nicer that the earlier one.

I can see the ruins!

Some statue.

Taking a breather before climbing up. -.-

My bro and I.

Mom at the slope after we chickened out on the stairs.

Closer one

Me! This pose is damn tiring okay. My entire body weight is on my arm. =.=

One more.

We went to this place. Some fort. I forgot what. Spot my mom and bro!

Abrupt end because my camera died right after this picture was taken. Went back to Hong Kong via ferry again after this stop. The journey to the ferry terminal was another drama one because we were walking all over the place and we still couldn’t find any buses that lead to the terminal. HAIH. Back-breaking journey.

We ended our day at the Modern Toilet restaurant back in Hong Kong! And that’s because we couldn’t find anything to eat in Macau as we kept getting lost. The modern toilet was cute! We sat on toilet bowls and ate out of bathtubs and sinks. 😀

Conclusion: Macau wasn’t very fun. Mainly because we were lost almost all the time. And we didn’t even make it into any casinos. T_______T

Oh well, stay tuned for day three!

7 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day 2!

  1. wow, another nice post.
    haha…the 1st part is food hunting…but quite expensive lo…the HK doller /2 = RM rite??
    2nd part the church is damn beautiful…next time u marry can consider go church like tat…lolx
    the last part that place i know…there are always some movie take the scene there…hehe

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