Hong Kong Day 1!

After procrastinating for about a million years, I finally got round to blogging about my HK trip at the beginning of the month!

Woke up at 3 something on 8th January and reached the LCCT at 4 plus. The amount of people there made it looked like we were there at midday or something though. It was literally people mountain people sea. No need sleep wan these people, so much money to travel. -_-

Lack of sleep coupled with a splitting headache and a swollen ankle is the perfect start to a perfect vacation!

We departed from the LCCT at 6 something in the morning FML and landed in Hong Kong at 10 something. Thank goodness there’s no time difference between Malaysia and Hong Kong. The HK Airport is very different from Malaysia’s. It’s strange reading Chinese characters everywhere lol.

Whee! HK!

Not our plane wtf.

Originally, the plan was to have some agent from Hong Kong pick us up from the airport and get us to the hotel as we booked a 3 days tour with Asia Travel Mart. But the stupid bitch didn’t show up! The three of us was super kesian lugging our humongous luggage and searching the airport up and down for the agent. Somemore it’s our first time there and the airport is blardy huge. We waited for more than an hour and the bitch was still a no-show! Best part is, we don’t have the number of the agent in Hong Kong and it’s fucken expensive to call back to Malaysia (no credit FML).

Lesson of the day: Don’t travel with Asia Travel Mart.

So okay lor, no choice. We bought tickets for the airport express which costs HKD300 per person. Not too bad a deal seeing that we get a return trip on the airport express and also unlimited rides on the MTR for three days. Oh ya, the airport express card also has the exact same functions as the Octopus card, which is HK’s version of the Touch N Go except that Octopus card is a million times more useful and convenient.

Airport express card.

Back. If I’m not mistaken, you can even customise the Octopus card to your own liking. Damn cool right. *jakun*

View from the airport express train.

Built-in speaker and volume control for each seat.

Technology Malaysia could only wish to have because vandalism would ensure that the buttons will all be missing the very next day.

Shows you exactly how much further your destination is.

Once we’ve reached our station, another drama ensued. -_- Despite the gigantic map, we couldn’t find where our hotel was at. Asked some random person on the street and he said it was just a couple of blocks away. So us being us, decided to walk all the way there since it’s a much cheaper option that taking a cab. And by god! It was fucking far! I reckon we spent more than half a hour walking there. FOL. F my swollen ankle too.

After finally checking in at almost 2pm, we have to deal with even more pressing matters which is to fill our empty stomachs. I forgot what restaurant it was that we chose but apparently they’re famous for their beef noodles. As is another thousand other char chan tengs in HK.

Deep fried fish skin was nothing to shout about.

Mom and bro had the same thing. Beef mihun I think?

Mine was beef with wantan noodles.

And I made the mistake of my life by adding less than half a teaspoon of the chilli oil provided. Just one bite and tears were streaming down my face. It was so effing spicy that my lips and tongue was swollen. T-T Had to rinse it with clear soup to lessen the spiciness. Though I must admit, their noodles are actually quite good. The wantans are huge compared to the pathetic excuse of a wantan served in Malaysia.

After our noms, we decided to go up to Victoria’s Peak! And while we were on our way there, we saw a protest going on. O.o It’s really as though I’m watching those TVB dramas. There were police all over but the whole thing was relatively peaceful. No tear gas or lugging people into jails or whatsoever shit like that.

This is the park opposite the building where the people are protesting. Sorry no idea what park is that. -.-

Skyscrapers nearby.

Protest! If my dad was there he’d probably stay till everyone was gone. -___-

See see, police.

Scolding the government officers I think.

It was something job related if my memory serves me correctly.

And then we lost interest so we went and took touristy pictures at the park.

Bro and I.

And we’re off to the peak!

Went to buy tickets for the tram and also Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

Entrance of the tram.

No idea who he is. But since he’s smack right at the entrance then must be some pretty important big shot I guess.

Some history of the tram.

You can hike up to the peak but I’m not an idiot so I’m taking the tram.

Camwhore while waiting for the tram to arrive. Don’t ask me, I also don’t know why my face so big. T-T

Tram is here!

Inside the tram. The track is super steep.

View from the tram on the way up.

Once we reached the peak, we headed to the wax museum first.

And hello! to the husband-stealer and cheating bastard!

Pity, cause I really liked him when he was still loyal and cute.

Mom and Nicole Kidman. I didn’t take one. If my mom looks this short beside her, I’m not gonna risk it.

Albert, on the other hand, is much more height-friendly.

No idea wtf Astro boy is doing there while they don’t even have Doraemon! D:

The three of us with Beckham.

Mom with Teresa Teng.

Mom with Beatles.

And that concludes our visit to the wax museum perfectly HAHAHAHA.

But honestly though, the museum was amazing…ly tiny. And the wax figures aren’t even that realistic to begin with. Definitely not worth the ticket price.

After the wax museum, we went up to the Sky Terrace to freeze our asses off!

Misty foggy view from the Sky Terrace.

It was cold.

Very cold.

Self-timer is good.


We loitered around the place for a while more and decided to get down from the peak because there wasn’t much to do up there.

Took one of those double decker bus that had an open air top!

Very very very blur picture of us on the bus. Taken with my mom’s camcorder.

Must try it if you’re going to HK. We don’t have anything like that back here. I can imagine people would just constantly chuck rubbish out while they’re on the bus. -.-

Fucking monstrous LV store. It’s like a mall. -_-

While we went to take the MTR to Harbour Front, we saw this. o.o

Damn cute! They were dancing and singing in the MTR station!

Actually went to Harbour Front to see the Avenue of Stars and the Symphony of Lights.

Avenue of Stars is the Hong Kong version of the Hollywood walk of fame while the Symphony of Lights is a light show.

Bruce Lee statue. Blardy hard to to snap a picture of him okay! All the China people hogging the statue like got gold liddat wtf.

Celeb hand prints! See if you know any one of them!

Mom’s favourite singer in the whole world.


And at 8pm, the Symphony of Lights started. It was pretty amazing but since all the pictures I took look like crap, I’m not gonna post them up.

I forgot what we had for dinner but we ended day 1 with Hui Lau Shan’s mango desserts.

Clockwise from top: Some tong yuen thing, sorbet thing and lo mai chi thing.

Paiseh la my memory is very the hopeless.

This is the basic one with sago.

From what I heard, Hui Lau Shan’s mango desserts are supposed to be fucking orgasmic but I didn’t think so. It was pretty good, but not mind blowing. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

Oh yes, at the end of the day, both my ankles were swollen because of my stupid Nike shoes. T-T

And that concludes the end of day 1! Wah I didn’t have such a long ass post in such a looooooong time. This took me more than 2 hours to complete. -_-

17 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day 1!

    • 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooo.. but still, not enough, lol.

      I went back for like 34 days and it still felt like just a short while 😦 I’m going back again this year, but I know however long I stay, I never seem to have explored area or felt it has been enough time.

      Hope you go back again soon!! Way too fun. Looking at the things you relate to what you see in HK versus how it is in Malaysia, it kinda scares me away from going there, eep! People being dragged around, vandalism, unrest, theft, holy crap!

      • Wow, 34 days?! That’s a pretty long trip lol. Haha, well, I supposed our country is not that bad. It’s just that the third world mentality of some people has got to go.

        I love HK! Will definitely go back there one day!

        By the way, may I just say that your blog has one of the most interesting themes I’ve ever seen in my years. 😉

        • LOL thanks… I’m not sure if that’s a good comment or a bad comment 😄 I did make a new post that might be something you can relate to, especially where you live 😛 I guess my blog has a theme, although I do have a lot of personal stuff mixed up in there, haha. I like to rotate between different talks to keep audiences of all types interested!

          You should go back to HK again this Christmas… lol. Malaysia to the rest of the world unfortunately still seems very 3rd world. I have a lot of weird perceptions about it because I hear some raves about it and equally more rants about it. It is a place of opportunities… but both good and bad opportunities. It is hard for me to think about it because there’s so much information to process about M.Y, haha. The girls in M.Y are definitely thumbs up though 😀 Perhaps if I ever visit M.Y, I will carry a gun around just in case, haha, you make it sound so dangerous 😛

    • sei yeh u r…… really shd upload more ma.. (photos w ur HEAD inside) i wanna c ur leng leng aunty look plus HK senery ma.. those photo u’ve uploaded previously not enuf ma.. haha

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