Lei hou!

I’m blogging live from my hotel room in Hong Kong!

It’s now day four. Blardy hell it rained today and I nearly got drenched zzz. Winter in hk is bearable. No snow. 😦

My skin is so dry it’s been peeling nonstop. T.T

You know what? Blogging with a phone is damn hard so imma keep it short and sweet this time. Will update when possible! I’m hungry. Whee gonna noms soon!

3 thoughts on “Lei hou!

  1. I know what you mean about no snow, haha! Last year, I went back to HK for vacation from Canada… I left Canada seeing snow everywhere, so beautiful, white and pristine… landed in HK 18 hours later and I felt sick, like the white powder I’m used to seeing has been left behind me!

    I found myself drinking soooo much liquids during the winter season in HK. One would imagine that being there in the summer, being hot and all would cause massive dehydration, but in all reality, winter there is so dry even if they don’t have the heat running or anything. I think that’s the main reason why cosmetics/lotions sell so well in HK and they sell them everywhere… ‘cuz it is so dry, LOL.

    Typing on the phone is a pain, especially phones that don’t have proper keyboards 😄 I look forward to your next update, I love hearing everything about HK! =]

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