There isn’t a proper new year entry this year. For some reason, the beginning of a year always feels very hectic to me. Perhaps, it’s the Christmas that left too soon. Perhaps, it’s the feeling that a whole year is suddenly left behind. Perhaps, it’s all those things I never got done being brought forward to the next year or plain forgotten. Perhaps, I’m getting too old, too soon.

I remember wishing that 2009 would be a better year. I’m still not sure if it really was.

This year would signify the beginning of my last year in university, the familiarity that has been with me for these past few years. Whenever I think of the day I’ll finally leave, I’m overwhelmed by the mixture of feelings that came with it.

2010. Another decade.

I will cherish it. And I will look forward to what life has to offer me.

Twenty-one. It’s hard to believe I’ve come this far.

Happy birthday to me.

3 thoughts on “21

  1. Hey~ Happy birthdayyy 😀

    It’s my last year in secondary school as well. But the thought of leaving hasn’t come to me yet. I know it would soon, though. To think that I’ll have to decide what future to embark on gives me a headache.

    21! You’re now eligible to get class E license, for lorries and trucks. 😀

    • thanks! oh well, when i was your age (oh god, that made me sound really old fml) i haven’t even started thinking about what to do with my future lol.

      err… think i’ll pass on the class E license. -___-

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