Very lazy to update blog. Thought of slacking for another day, but then… somehow I still decided to blog in the end. Guess what though? I can’t find my camera cable. Shit. -_- Me thinks me might have left it back in Kampar. Shall search more thoroughly later on. Thank goodness for card readers.

Anywayyyyy, one of the reasons I felt super lazy to update was (other than me being in KL and the distractions of fast internet speed and shopping mall) because I was busy fondling my new phone. 😀 So far, I’ve managed to go on facebook and twitter and even read my emails on it. Not very user-friendly though. Or maybe it’s just cause I’m used to SE’s interface, but I find the things very cluttered. 😦 One other gripe is that the battery drains super fast. I have to charge it everyday. T.T Is it supposed to be draining that fast? I only use it to sms and maybe leech a little wifi here and there for a tiny little while. 😦

Oh, and today it almost gave me a heart attack when it hang gei all of a sudden and then turned off by itself! Wtf noooooo… I’ve only had it for a mere three days! (And the first ever message I sent out was a blank one wtf damn malu)


My new baby!

Comes with the normal cables and stuff. Plus a plectrum. The thingy that looks a bit like a guitar pick.

Charger and headphone.

Wait, I just realised I have no full body pic of my phone. I go take nao.



And yeah, that’s the original plastic screen cover that came with the phone, have to wait till this weekend to go and buy a proper one from pasar malam. Other places selling double the price for the same shit wtf. So till then, I’ll have partially obstructed screen. Yay for my eyes! Not.

New pouch to go with the new phone! 😀 Must protect it kao kao. -_-

Oh yes, did I mention it comes with a secondary camera in front? Which means easier camwhoring. xD Pics quality not as good compared to the main camera though. Actually, main camera’s pic quality also not very nice only. -___- I still think SE’s phone camera is clearer even if they both have the same amount of megapixels. Ah well, I have Caramel to do the picture taking anyway.

Two more days to Christmas!! Christmas shopping ain’t done yet. Great.

Oh yes, phone? Not user-friendly. I think I might have mentioned it.

Another item crossed off the wish list!!! Nao who wants to get me a Mac for Christmas? xD

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