Mini Review

Just recovered from headache, flu and sore throat that bugged me like hell for the past couple of days. Thank goodness those leong cha really works.

For the sake of updating this blog, I shall do a mini review of Maggi’s Xtradelicious instant noodles. Yeah, the one in a bowl that costs like 3 or 4 bucks.

I had the tomyam flavoured one because I’ve always thought Maggi’s tomyam cup noodles were not bad as they give you the tomyam paste seasoning instead of the powder form. But then again, the last time I had any cup noodles was probably years back. -_-

I wanted to see how extra delicious it is…

Comes with spring onions and really really really sad little shrimps.

I didn’t fill the water all the way to the indicated line because I like my noodles like that.

But sigh. It was a total waste of 4 bucks. I felt like I was slurping on noodles in plain hot water. Wtf happened to Maggi?

Since the internut is not behaving itself, I shall go and colour my new Tom and Jerry colouring book nao. Stupid Kampar, they don’t even have disney princess one.

Oh wait, Moral exam is coming in 2 days! Shall study… soon! Nao I go colour first.

4 thoughts on “Mini Review

  1. Kritz: No la, already okay when I ate this. Sucks big time. Hahah, any other young adults you know had a sudden interest in colouring books?

    -sqiang-: I felt like colouring lol. xD

    Sam: Ya lor, waste money. -__-

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