Study week? HAHAHA

I’ve been back in KL since Saturday. Since it’s my study week, I brought back all my notes and stuff because I wanted to actually study during my study week. But, the notes are still in my folder, untouched. FML.

Went down to Bangsar with my mom and brother to do my passport on Monday and Tuesday. It was sheer hell. The first day, we reached there around 1.30pm and started queueing. And so, we queued and queued and queued. Till almost 7pm.

Then when it was finally my turn, I was unfortunately served by a lard ass who is pretty much useless and with an attitude ugly enough to match his face. He took one look at my passport photo and told me “macam ini tak boleh” and pointed to my fringe covering my forehead. Like W.T.F. No one even told me that my hair can’t cover my forehead. And I waited so many fucking hours just to be told that my pictures can’t be used.

By then, all the photo taking shops have already closed for the day since it was 7 fucking pm. MCB. So I went back the next day at 9am and waited till 6pm for my passport to be done. Fucking hell. I spent two whole days of my life just sitting there and waiting for them stupid idiots to do their job. Fucking hate the government sectors and their fucking efficiency. Wait all you want but I’m just gonna sit here and chit-chat with my colleagues.

To kill time, we went to some doughnut store nearby to kill time. Location chosen primarily because it was damn hot and everywhere else was pretty much full. This particular store however, was empty. Completely. Utterly. Empty.

Looks a bit like Big Apples.

 Not cheap.

As you can see, there are… well, not many doughnuts on display. Since my brother and I have already eaten earlier, my mom went and picked some.

Clock-wise L-R: Chocolate, peanut butter and mango.

One big bite. No peanut butter in sight. Chocolate? More like artificial chocolate flavourings.

Chocolate. To be honest, it looks quite pretty. But rock hard doughnuts and fake chocolate flavour just doesn’t do well. -_-

Teeny weeny bit of chocolate filling inside.

Here’s my mom. Very grumpily asking us to try some. I have a picture of her grimacing as though in pain. I shall not post that up. Don’t wanna get killed.

Please, don’t go to Donut Empire if you value your tastebuds. Noticed that there aren’t any more pictures on the mango flavoured one? Well, my mom threw it away. -_______- Shan’t torture ourselves over one stupid doughnut.

And so, that pretty much sums up my tragic passport experience.

Went to MidValley too after everything was done since it was nearby the passport place.

Christmas deco was pretty. 🙂

My brother and I. He looks like he wanna fight some one wtf.

Blurry picture of my mom and I. Thanks bro wtf.



Random stuff.

My dad’s new toy. -_-

GPS. -____________-

Malls. xD

My dad is super bo liao I tell you. He would ask us to on the GPS system when we are just going to Ikano from our house. We’ve been going there for YEARS without a GPS and it’s only like a 10 minutes drive away. -__________- Hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Just wait, a couple more weeks, the GPS would be tucked away safely in some corner collecting dust. Though, I have to admit this thingy would be very useful for someone without a sense of direction. i.e. Me. >.>



Went dating with the bf at 1Utama again.

Pasta Zanmai.

His spicy pasta with shrimp and squid. It was spicier than I thought. Since he has like, zero spicyness tolerance, he was gulping his coke the entire time. Lol.

Not very good, but the bf seemed to like it. I forgot which one he prefered. -____________-

Mine with mentaiko, squid and shrimp. It was different than the usual pastas I had. The mentaiko gave it a slightly different texture that was quite good. I still prefer traditional aglio olio though.

My set comes with a salad and miso soup. The bf likes the sesame dressing of the salad. I thought it was pretty weird. >.>

Miso soup was kinda bland.

He didn’t want the set so he ordered the miso soup with clams. Three clams, to be exact. -.-

Meh, it was really nothing very special. But then again, maybe I’ll go back some day to try out some other stuff on the menu.

Watched Couples Retreat and New Moon too. Couples Retreat was actually pretty good. I had originally thought it was a stupid movie ala Scary Movie. Turns out, it wasn’t. 🙂 Just a very pleasant romantic comedy. New Moon on the other hand, irritated the bf. He wanted to see how stupid the movie could be and was criticising throughout the entire show. To be honest, I never really did like the heroine much. I hate girls who uses people for their own gains, having known a couple of ’em in real life. Bella’s annoyingness in the book was amplified in the movie. Bitch.

After New Moon ended, I told the bf not to watch the next installment again because he was so angry about the movie. And then he said he die die also must watch to find out how stupid it could go. Wtf. -_-

Had tea at Delicious. Never been there. Always wanted to try. And so we went. The boyfriend said he felt like some atas people having tea lol.

I looked like crap. Haih, should invest in some blusher. And trim those god awful bangs.

His new hairstyle. Hundred over bucks wtf damn expensive. And new smooth face. Priceless photoshop skill wtf.

His iced cappucino.

My Death by Iced Chocolate. Comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Ordered the brownie with ice-cream since we weren’t hungry.

To be honest, it was a huge huge disappointment. The brownie were pretty okay. But the drinks! The drinks were just horrible. 😦 And it wasn’t cheap too. Mine was RM10.90 and his was RM9.90 if I am not mistaken. The cappucino was tasteless and my iced chocolate didn’t have much chocolate taste. And after a few sips, the whole thing was plain geli. Pity, because the presentation was nice. Sigh. The bf said he was never, ever coming back. Lol.

I wonder what’s with me and sucky food recently. HAIH.

6 thoughts on “Study week? HAHAHA

  1. Study week, din study. Same here lor. And my dear, ppl in Mlk eg: my mom went to do passport and start queuing like 7am though operating hrs are frm 8am till 6pm. Moreover, now end of the yr which means public/school holidays and i felt alot of ppl are rich nowadays so the majority prefer to go on yr end holiday which includes promo on cheap air ticket nowadays. Sam’s hair cut is superb expensive lor, i tink i can go for perming with that amount. Delicious food was nice, i never tried their chocolate drinks b4 and since u said it wasn’t nice. LOL.

  2. Ya lah damn sien going to those government sectors to do stuff. -__-

    I also told him it’s damn expensive. What to do he damn rich lol.

    Hmm, never tried their food before. But srsly, go for the plain ol’ water rather than wasting 10bucks on the stupid drink.

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