I cannot wait!

I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait!!!

Finally getting a new phone after 6712239 years!

It’s a Nokia. Sigh. I’m a die-hard SE fan but this phone is going for a really good deal. So yeah. Nehmai, it’s an early  Christmas/Birthday prezzie (No need my money kekekekeke)!

No real pics of the phone because it’ll only be here next week. When I’m already back to Kampar FML. Oh well, a couple more weeks with my old ah pek phone and I’ll have this baby in my hands!

Never a big fan of Nokia. Would rather consider other brands such as Samsung or LG. -__- Please please please let this baby not disappoint me. Maybe I’ll be converted to be a Nokia worshipper wtf.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Now, when should I start studying wtf.

7 thoughts on “I cannot wait!

  1. Why must die hard SE fans dislike nokia,
    And die hard nokia fans dislike SE.

    Gosh, the hatred.

    My first phone was nokia, and my second was SE, and my nokia friends were like, eeeeeyerrrr. =o=

    Anyway, congrats on new phone 😀

  2. Kritz: HAHAH no hatred la. Hmm, somehow I just disliked the interface of Nokia phones. I felt SE was more user-friendly lol. But then again, I might be bias. :O Shall see if the new phone can change that lol.

    Kweng: Lol. Nokia 5800.

  3. good for u lor, now gonna be categories is touch screen phone jor and left the non-touch screen phone behind. LOL. but i still happy for u. make sure u dun drop ur new 5800 baby to much o else u will end up using ur old ah peh phone. LOL. this phone got a very gd review frm my frens. so it will b fine for u 🙂

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