Reading back my posts from one year ago. Funny, I never really realised how much everything has changed over the course of the year. Amazing really, how much people and things evolve in a year. It scares me. Time passing by ever so quickly. I’m nearing the big two-one soon.

This mini trip down the memory lane triggered a lot of feelings in me. Somehow, I felt bittersweet. Sweet, because we have managed to come this far. Bitter, because I realised some things that I wrote no longer apply in this day. Have I lost what I’ve been looking for? This coming Christmas, I hope Mr. Claus would be kind enough to bring me back the things I’ve finally found but seemed to have lost it again somehow.

I haven’t been the same girl. I just wanna go back. Can I?

3 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Sheryl: Lol, look forward then I get older and older and older. T_________T

    Absolut: Well, now that you put it that way… I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve had 20 cents coffee. FML.

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