1Malaysia! Not.

Time and time again, extreme stupidity displayed by the Malaysian Government pisses me off. Badly.

In spite of “achieving” 52 years of independence, it’s as though their mindsets are still set in the dinosaur ages. After 52 years, the Malays are still insisting on their special rights and privileges which includes chances of education, cheaper houses, more money and basically being spoon-fed by the government.

Despite the 1Malaysia concept, other races in Malaysia are still treated as second class citizens. Or worse. Immigrants from Indonesia easily gets a PR status, while others who have stayed here for most of their lives can’t even get recognition as a Malaysian/Malaysian PR till the day they die.

Majority of places in public universities are ALWAYS reserved for Malays. If you’re a Chinese and you scored straight A’s in your SPM, so what? A Malay with half your results would have gotten the place anyway instead of you. Sad, but true.

Take this for example. Biro Tata Negara? A class compulsory for those who are attending the local public university? Hah! It is in fact, an attempt (yet again) to brainwash the people into thinking that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, and the Malays alone. Perhaps we should remember that way before any of us actually set foot here, the Orang Asli were already here. And they, in theory, should be the “sons of the soil”. They alone, should deserve the title of being a bumiputra. Yet, it is not so.

This mere facade of wanting a 1Malaysia seems farcical when the government who governs our country clearly thinks other races such as Chinese and Indian are unworthy and undeserving. We, despite being born and bred in this country, are not viewed as citizens. According to the Biro Tata Negara lecturer,  the Chinese community were “the Jews of Asia” and were just itching to take over when Malays were disunited and broken.

Equal opportunity? Absurd! You know how the national song goes “tanah tumpahnya darahku”? I don’t think it applies to the other races other than Malays. Since we clearly are not good enough to be Malaysian citizens.

After 52 years of independence, why are we still so backward? You don’t have to look far, Singapore will do. Such a small nation. Not even half a century of independence yet. And yet, look. Look at what they’ve done, look at what they’ve achieved. Look at where they are now. And we’re still using the keris to threaten others when things don’t go the way we want.

I could go on. And on, and on, and on. But what is the point? I’m so sick and tired of all these things. 1Malaysia? Well, excuse me while I go and laugh till I choke and die.

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Your Google search button will lead you to much much more of these types of articles. Oya, I need to go laugh and choke and die nao. Kthxbai.


8 thoughts on “1Malaysia! Not.

  1. Speechless after reading the articles links you posted…… Some parts can make you pretty upset… I guess in the end it comes down to who has the rights to brandish his Keris and fear any action taken upon him…. 1Malaysia 2Malaysia 3 Malaysia 4 Malaysia………. What difference does it make? It seems like fighting for equal rights has the same effect as banging your head against the wall repeatedly when you are alone at home… NO ONE CARES….

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