For you lucky people who live in a big city, this might be mundane and dull. But for poor souls like me who are stuck in a small town for weeks at times, big cities are the salvation to my soul.

I went back to KL the other weekend and had a splendid time shopping, eating good food, gaming and sleeping in air-conditioned room. So yeah, life’s been good. But unfortunately, all good things come to an end. And I’m back here again. The weather has just started to change, from the pleasantly cool to the hot and clammy. Haih.

Anyway, back to KL!

1st day

Turns out my family have already eaten when I reached KL fml. So I went to McD! 😀

2nd day

Went to Amcorp Mall (Thank god I didn’t bump into anyone from my old internship place -_-) to take my books!

And then decided to go alllllll the way to MidValley for dinner. Stupid traffic jams were everywhere. By the time we reached MidValley, the three of us were positively ravenous, having eaten nothing at all the entire day. T.T

They INSISTED on Carl’s Junior. So Carl’s Junior it is!

3rd day

Was still pigging ’cause stupid insomnia made me slept at 4am the previous night. Then I got a call from my mom asking me for lunch. She mentioned baby was there! So I bolted awake and showered. 😀

The baby in question is actually my baby nephew! Super adorable kid. I first saw him back in May, when he was only 4 months old. It’s been too long!!!

Here’s pictures I took of him back in May.

He held my finger while he noms! *swoons

Look at those eyes! Look at those cheeks! How could double chins look so adorable!

And he is super friendly too! So it’s super easy to make friends with him. 😀 He is super super super cute! So cute that he can sing himself to sleep wtf. Seriously. He sings in his baby talk language when he is tired. After singing for a few minutes, he promptly falls asleep! Excuse the exclamation marks, I really like babies. Heh.

His most recent pictures! 😀 Very inquisitive and curious about everything. And very guai too. 🙂 He didn’t throw a single racket and fuss around much for the entire day. Me likes.

4th day

Last day in KL. 😦 Dinner with the family! Dishes are nothing to shout about except for their signature lala dish. But still, better than those craps we get here in Kampar la.

Had loads of fun back home! Will be back during study week again woohoo! 😀

8 thoughts on “KL!

  1. ponnie: LOL. I like all things cute. -__- Puppies, kittens, babies… they all happen to fall in the same category. xD

    MX: yeah, that’s why my dad likes to go. The last time I went back to KL, we had dinner there too. -.-

  2. yes indeed u favor cute stuff except for bugs.LOL. ur nephew is a cutie.i hope i could take pictures of my nephew and my newborn niece who are both siblings.Sooon.Soon.LOL

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