What responsibility? Can eat wan ah?

Blardy Utar and their blardy efficiency. I waited half an hour for the damn bus. Turns out, the driver had been sitting there reading newspaper. When asked, he had the fucking guts to say “Eh? Ada orang mau pergi meh? I ingat tak ada”.

WTF. YOU ingat tak ada so no need to fucking care about the schedule lah right? How about those people WAITING both at uni and at their homes for the damn bus to show up to bring them to uni or back home? CIBAI. Damn useless Indian fat fuck.

4 thoughts on “What responsibility? Can eat wan ah?

  1. YES!! I WANNA BURN THOSE UTAR BUS DRIVERS DOWNNNN! BURNNNN!!! ROARR!! I hate waiting for them when there are already 879067858 other students waiting for the samn goddamn bus too & they’ll take their own sweet time reading the newspaper or wanking or whatever it is they do. I wanna go home goddammit! Why don’t they understand?!?

    I can’t wait for my car. Sigh.

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