You always get what you don’t want

We had a Final Year Project (FYP) briefing for the second years on Monday. Aside from the usual bla bla bla scope and stuff, we were also assigned a FYP supervisor who will guide us every step of the way when we are doing our FYP.

Keep in mind that this FYP is extremely important and therefore, it’s crucial to do the right thing, guided by the right people. It’s a research paper related to our field of studies.

Back to the topic of supervisors, we were told that once assigned, the supervisors will not, under any circumstances, be changed. Unless of course, they leave UTAR half way through our FYP. And when the lecturer announced the list of supervisors that we were going to be attached to, I heard the one name I dreaded.

During my internship period last semester, I was assigned to an internship supervisor as well. This particular supervisor has  a few funny traits. Such as:

i) She doesn’t reply my emails of queries regarding my bi-weekly report on my internship.

ii) She doesn’t reply sms-es either.

iii) Same goes for phone calls. No idea whether she was in class or what, but she never calls back either.

iv) Of all the emails I sent her during the 3-4 months that I was undergoing internship, she replied 1 of of the 10 emails I sent her (Yes, I counted). And that was only because she needed me to fill in some forms to prove that she visited me during the internship period to check on my progress (she didn’t).

Back to the topic of the FYP supervisors. I started praying the moment I heard that she was, again, one of the supervisors who would oversee this FYP thingy. The lecturer informed us that we would be able to check the supervisor that we were assigned to on Tuesday when she put up the notice at the faculty office.

And when I went there the next day, lo and behold, of soooooo many supervisors, I had to be assigned to her. So I guess, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m on my own here. HAIH.

There are people who wanted to be assigned to her though. Apparently she is very un-strict about gradings and stuff. But I wanted guidance. Not just some stupid grades which I get by stumbling through my FINAL YEAR PROJECT.

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