I have a moral test again tomorrow. In bloody BM again. I haven’t started studying properly. Sigh, can I just get BM over and done with? I’d much rather be doing my brand management assignment. At least, I can understand wtf the notes say.

Have shit loads of photos of food (again) from my weekend back in KL. Haven’t even bothered to upload them from my camera yet. They’ll have to wait till the shitty moral test is over. Fuck this shit.



Edit: I have been in this perpetually sleep-starved stage for the past week or so already. You know insomnia’s a damned bitch when you toss and turn in your bed without sleeping a wink for 5 god-damned hours. My body is screaming, my head is pounding. And yet, my mind refuses to fucking shut down. Results? Zombie mode in uni. Good la, how to sit for test?

I’m seriously contemplating sleeping pills. Anyone knows if I could get them from the pharmacy without a prescription from the doctor? Sigh. I could really use a couple like nao. Nao. NAO.

Well, I guess I’ll go back to my futile attempts at sleeping. Wish me luck. Or not. Whatever. Not like people care. Ugh.

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