Meteor apa shower?

Yesterday there were supposed to be meteor showers. More precisely, the Leonids meteor shower. From what I read online, there were even gonna be up to hundreds of meteors shooting through the sky per hour!

And Asia was supposed to be the best place to see these meteors. I tried my luck, seeing that Kampar is a smaaaaall town and therefore would probably have not so much air pollution and therefore my chances of actually witnessing a meteor shower increases exponentially. Lol wtf.

But then… I sat outside my house and looked up at the gloomy cloudy sky and I knew… meteor what meteor la… -___-

So I did the next best thing! Camwhore wtf.

Took like 21472132 shots before I could found a satisfactory one. -_-

And another 325212 shots to get this one. -____________-

Camwhore shots on the other hand… is much easier.

So here’s another one. Heh.

And that’s what you do when you have the streets all by yourself at night! I gotta go! Taxi’s here! I’m going back home for the first time this semester! Woot!

5 thoughts on “Meteor apa shower?

  1. You won’t be able too see ’em clearly unless you close those demn street lights! They’re too bright, duh!

    Go watch someplace dark. There were lots last night! Even ones lasting about 3 secs!

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