Damn lazy to think of a title

I realised I keep posting pictures of what I’ve cooked recently. -_-

Anyhoo! I cooked a western style meal the other day!

Wah I tell you, cooking with only 1 pan is damnnnnnn mafan. And it doesn’t help that the pan heats up awfully slowly. -__- By the time it heats up enough to cook dish #3, dish #1 has already cooled. FML.

From top L-R: Campbell’s chicken & mushroom soup xD, mashed potatoes, steak bites and fusilli & cheese with meatballs.

The mashed potatoes are damn creamy! Cream cheese ftw! And me likes the steak bites too. *nom nom

And it’s fusilli and cheese because I am not a fan of macaroni. Lol.

Sigh, I think I cooked too much this time around though. ‘Cause…

This was how much that was left in the end… Save for the soup, the rest went into the bin. *wails

Random picture of his shirt wtf. This is what happens when you let them go near your camera. -_____-

3 thoughts on “Damn lazy to think of a title

  1. Sam: No. I hate shirts that don’t make sense. Blek.

    Apple: Yeap, cream cheese. It makes the potato creamy and soft but you can’t taste the cheese wan. Lol, you love anything with mayonaise la hahahah.

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