It’s a freaking strange day. First, my laptop has suddenly gained the ability to read Chinese characters. It used to display these funny rectangular boxes instead of the real characters ever since I formatted it months back and couldn’t change the settings for it to display Chinese characters. But then!!! I came back from dinner/supper and lo and behold! I could actually read people’s facebook status updates in Mandarin!!! O.O Wtf? Did some mysterious genie do something to my lappie while I was out stuffing my face?

Well, that’s not the end of strange things.

Inside a Mamee Monster party pack , I found this.

This… strange… picture of an old dude’s face. Looks like the rest of the picture was cut off.

Behind that strange cutting. C4?!?!

This is a very WTF moment. And I am no Sherlock Holmes so I have no freaking idea how and why this old man is in the Mamee Monster party pack.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall go and ponder this strange thing instead of doing my assignment. Kthxbai.

6 thoughts on “Strange

  1. maybe is some assassin who wanna aim dat old man because he is one rich guy. but u might save him by keeping his picture??? and the c4 is some secret code to his account or something??(watch to much movie jor) LOL

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