My package! And a host of other random pics

After waiting and waiting and waiting for 3 damn days, I FINALLY got the damned package. First day, I overslept, didn’t catch the mail guy. Second day, he didn’t even come after saying he would! Which means I waited the whole afternoon in the living room with the doors wide open for nothing! Third day, my housemates got it for me while they were downstairs cooking when the guy finally appeared. *tear*

Pink bag is a little too garish FML. Risks of shopping online sigh. Eh, ignore my camera string on the bottom right. -_____-




Late night snack. FML diet fail.

I don’t know why! Recently I kept having trouble sleeping! I’d still be awake at 5am. T___T Which contributes to my dark under eyes circles getting worse. The above sandwich failed too because I was too impatient waiting for the eggs to become fully cooked. Which is why there’s some suspicious looking liquid leaking out from the sides. LE-SIGH. Note to self: half-boiled egg is not good for sandwiches.



Am going to re-read one of my favourite books again because I have ran out of reading materials. >.>

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