You know…

You know you’ve got the best boyfriend in the world when even though he finishes work at 4pm, he goes out of his way to another place and waited half an hour for the sushi chef to prepare his sushi orders and goes to your office and waited till 6.30pm for you to finish work in order to pass you the sushi without eating anything himself. And then, he goes with you all the way to the LRT station and waits for your dad to pick you up. Only then does he start his two-hour journey back home.

I love my boyfriend.

9 thoughts on “You know…

  1. no wonder la…he everytime eat alot during lunch time…now i noe the reason behind it…cuz he is preparing to get starve all the way back home.HAHAHHAHAHA.he so gonna kill me when he read this..LOL

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