A list of facts for you to ponder about.

Facts #1 – Internships only started in year 2004 in Malaysia.

Facts #2 – Under the current labour law, interns do not exist as there are no laws or regulations on internships, even though it has been five years since internships was inducted.

Facts #3 – Since interns are not protected by the law, it is entirely up to the institute and the organisation’s discretion on how to treat the interns.

Facts#3.1 – It is up to the organisation on whether or not to pay interns. They are not obliged to compensate the interns in any way such as annual leave, medical leave, marriage leave and such. The organisation is also not required to pay for any overtime or on-site expenditures of the interns. In the event that the organisation chooses to compensate the interns in any way, whether through financial means or through leaves, it is purely out of goodwill. Or you could say it is out of the goodness of their hearts. Interns are also not covered by any forms of insurance, EPF or SOCSO and they do not enjoy any privileges of the permanent staff. Even though they might carry out the same tasks or sometimes even more tasks than the permanent staff, they are often only paid a friction of what the permanent staff receives. That is, IF they are paid at all.

Facts#3.2 – Interns are to do whatever the organisation asks them to do. They are expected to comply with the organisation’s policy and carry out whatever tasks assigned to them. That is to say, if the intern is asked to wash dishes, make coffee, stand under the hot sun the entire day distributing flyers, it is rightfully their task and they should do it without complains or expectations of compensation.

Facts#4 – When the decision that will ultimately determine whether the interns pass or fail is in the organisation’s hands, the interns WILL do whatever it is that is assigned to them. No matter how they are treated, they are likely to keep silent so that they will not receive an F by the time they complete their internship period. They are also likely to keep friends or family members from interfering in order not to provoke the organisation that they are interning at.

Facts#5 – Malaysia Boleh.

Facts #6 – You will not be able to hear anything on the phone, or concentrate on doing your work when every 30 seconds, inconsiderate people will go HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA damn loudly right next to you.

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