I love weekends!

This week has been hell. I had to run around the office in heels, rushing through and fro four printers refilling papers, binding the printed ones and all that crap. Plus, auntie was visiting. I almost died. But it was worth it! For I managed to finish everything before Friday, which means I don’t have to stay back overtime yet again! Though when Monday comes I’ll have to reach office by 7.30am…… T_T

Tomorrow will be another happy day! I’m determined not to wear anything important or expensive except for my ring lest I lose something again. Haih. If I hadn’t lost it, tomorrow would be the first year anniversary of me having it. Sigh. Tomorrow will be our one year and one month anniversary. 🙂 So I guess I owe it to him that much to try and remain optimistic for it will be a happy weekend! And I get to watch Harry Potter too! Whee~

I still haven’t got around to uploading the pictures I took these few months, much less posting them. -_-

Interesting trivia: Did you know I can leave smiley face bite marks?

Funny isn’t it? xD Of course, this ain’t my hand. Lol.

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